How to easily RESIZE images using MS OFFICE PICTURE MANAGER and create a SLIDE SHOW to enhance your buyers experience

After you’ve put together the content of your business for sale ad, you will probably want to upload images to enhance the appeal and message of your business opportunity.

It is important that images are sized to the correct dimensions and are in JPEG format before attempting to upload to The system will not accept images bigger than 400 (wide) x 200 (depth) pixels AND will not accept images not in JPEG format. It is important that you follow this requirement to avoid frustration and disappointment as your images will not appear in your ad purely due to a system error.

Your detailed description page also has the ability to produce an image slide show to enhance your buyer’s experience. This is not necessary however is an excellent tool to showcase more than one image or message. If you wish to produce a slide show you will need to select more than one image to upload and make sure that ALL images are sized exactly to the same dimensions (this includes the depth dimension).

If you are experiencing problems resizing and/or uploading your images, you can email your images to and quote your Username and Listing Code. We will upload the images for you.


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