Get to know your screen BEFORE you start!

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to familiarise yourself with this post if you’re a first time user of the back-end of has been designed specifically with Google ranking in mind. Google will recognise your ad better if you use ONLY TEXT in your Titles. This means you cannot use symbols, hyphens, full stops, brackets etc in your Title or this will create a 404 error message. This error means that your Detailed Description page is not recognised when a buyer clicks on your ad.

The single most frustrating problem you may encounter is spending 20 minutes putting together a well written ad only to find that it won’t save. You can avoid this issue if you take special note of the section highlighted in RED which specifically notes that data entries in these sections MUST be entered using only NUMBERS . This has been designed for various reasons including: consistency across the site, searchability and sorting. If you wish to elaborate on these areas surrounding currency, we suggest a good place to enter this information is the main body of your ad.

We hope this post has been helpful in getting you started 🙂

Happy selling!


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